How to use Video Marketing in Sales

Video and sales go hand in hand. Videos are an extremely efficient way to engage your prospects right from the very beginning of your sales process. 

Check out 4 ways you can use video marketing in sales: 


You have just found the perfect prospect for your product or service, and you want to make an impactful first impression. Picking up the phone or sending an email is your go-to. But how do you stand out amongst the clutter of a flooded inbox? 

You send a video email that is addressed specifically to your prospect. Simply using the word "video" in your email subject line significantly increases your email open rate. In a 2013 eMarketer study on the benefits of using video in email marketing, 55% of respondents reported that including video resulted in higher click-through rates. 

You’ll be en route to your first meeting in no time! 


The Initial Meeting

Sharing a video with your prospects about your product or service can help them understand it much better. 

During your first point of contact with a prospect, take into consideration the common questions that you get asked. Turn these questions and answers into an informational video. Not only will you better understand your prospects, but they too will gain a better understanding of what you’re selling. 

Send this video to your prospect before the initial meeting. It will give them a chance to better understand your product or service, which will let you focus on the more important elements during the meeting. 

The Initial Meeting

The Follow-Up

You’ve gone through the initial meeting with your prospect. Now what? It’s time to follow-up with them. With Cheers Connect, you can record and send them a personalized video email message. 

Address your prospect by their name and address specific points that were made during the initial meeting. Personalization goes a long way. Your prospect will appreciate the time that you took to record this video email. 

A video email guarantees that you will stand out in your prospects' inbox! 


The Proposal

The proposal provides an excellent overview of everything your prospect needs to know about you, the company, and the product or service. Often times, proposals are lengthy and your prospect might have trouble getting through them. 

People would much rather watch a video than read text. 

Turn your proposal into a video to really capture their attention. Not only will you stand out from the crowd, but you’ll leave your prospect wanting more. 

Video empowers you to present this information in a more creative way. 

Incorporating video into all aspects of the sales cycle will have you reaping the benefits. Your prospect will be impressed from start to finish, and you might just get a video testimonial from them!


Video is an important sales tool, and the statistics prove it. 85% of people feel more informed after watching a video. The nature of video makes it extremely convenient to watch and share—75% of buyers are more likely to buy as a result of watching a demo video. Salespeople can also increase their sales with video: prospects are 57% more likely to buy after watching a demo video, and 55% would rather watch a salesperson than read text. Video allows you to fully engage your prospective customer from the very beginning and be an effective part of the purchasing process. Get the benefits of Cheers Connect today. For free!