Cheers Mobile Application

Cheers Connect has just launched its brand-new mobile application “Cheers Videos” which enables you to connect with your target audience in an entirely new and innovative way. Giving you the advanced productivity tools of videos and messages, through a mobile application that is simple and user-friendly.

To learn more about how to use Cheers Connect’s mobile application, check out the following video:


Cheers Connect Mobile Application Features: 

Once you Once you log-in to your Cheers account, you will have access to the dashboard, which shows you, your message analytics, and important statistics about your account. This includes the total account storage, the number of messages you have previously sent, how many times your videos have been watched, and other analytics that will help you strategize your next moves in your business adventures.

You can also check the videos you have already recorded on the platform using the browser, which are securely and safely stored in the Cheers library, with other assets you will most likely need, like your address book, which consists of contacts you uploaded or added to our interface, and the messages you have sent and received.

You can also record new videos through our advanced video recorder, in which you can record your front, back, or both cameras. Just switch between your cameras and you will have your video ready in no time!

Quickly send messages and emails through the message composer. The messages composer allows you to reach out to your loved ones, colleagues and coworkers, business partners, or customers through a message they would receive in their emails! Do you want another important feature in the message composer? Cheers Connect allows you to embed videos in your messages to help you better connect and personalize your messages!

Use Cheers Connect at your convenience, through your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. We are now available to help you out through all devices from anywhere at any time!

Cheers Connect's mobile application is free to use, and available now in App Store and Google Play.