Advanced Video Recorder

The video recorder is your compacted studio that allows you to record yourself, your screen, or both simultaneously. Offering you Four different video formats (HD, VGA, square, and wide), fulfilling all of your sharing needs. You could also instantly post videos from your smartphone and link to videos from other websites. Cheers Connect Video tool gives you full control over your recorded and in-recording sessions with Cheers in-depth video editing.

You can do screen recording and camera capture without the hassle of programs downloads and navigational limitations. A two minutes How-To video in Cheers learning center will get you started where you’ll learn how to use both screen and camera capture together, change size and shapes of your camera feed, change screens even while recording with pause and restart, hide and show feeds and even save your recording locally to your computer to save valuable work and time when internet connectivity becomes an obstacle!

Watch how easy it is for a vast value!
Click below to watch a detailed demo

Whether you are recording for fun or to share an event with family and friends, creating a demo or a tutorial or responding to customers and users’ inquiries, take your effort to the net level, save it to your asset’s library, tag it for future references (include contacts in your tags where applicable) share it on social media and email it to your audience with simple quick messages or with the advanced email composer.

The recorder at Cheers Connect is powerful enough to stand on its own! Our tutorials at Cheers Connect are all created using this advanced recorder; if you want more from & for your videos, start using Cheers Connect right now - it is free - reach out to us to assist in creating your branded landing pages and add actionalb;e overlays to engage on thevideos. We encourtage you to check the other integrated productivity tools - just select from the sideber list of content and actions.