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A Simple Guide to Making Your Videos More Personalized

How personalized videos make a difference in today’s world.

A personalized video is a video created on a personal level, in which you address the other person’s name and other attributes like age, interests, and job. It should create a sense of one-on-one connection that feels much more up close and personal.

An example of personalized videos: Facebook memories! The videos include your name, photos, some text into an animated video in a way that fills you with joy!

Personalized Videos in Business:

In this blog post, I will be sharing tips on how to create personalized videos and include them in your marketing strategy. So that you can effectively engage your audience, boost sales, and stand out from the crowd.

Personalized videos are a great way to grow your business, or connect with the right customers. Businesses can use personalized videos for different purposes such as:

a) Promotional videos

b) Training videos

c) Explainer videos

d) Customer service videos

Want a clearer view? Check the following statistics:

  • 98% of marketers think that personalized videos help in customer retention and engagement
  • Personalized videos had a click-to-open rate of about 16x greater than standard videos
  • Over 70% of customers who received personalization stated that it significantly influenced what they bought. -Infosys
  • More than 33% of executives using personalization have seen an increase in their transaction frequency as a result. - Forbes
  • Customer loyalty and satisfaction improved by 47% and 36%, respectively, when personalized marketing was used.- Qualifio
  • 22% of consumers are happy to share some data in return for more personalized customer service or product. - Deloitte
  • Almost 70% of consumers want companies to personalize their communications. - Accenture
According to a Forbes article written by Matthew Lopes, the founder and CEO of DVI group “ personalization personalization converts 202% better than non-personalized media and offers 20x the ROI of non-personalized media. It can also increase customer loyalty and satisfaction at the same time. And combined with video’s dominance as the #1 form of media used today, it’s easy to see why personalized video can capture and keep an audience’s attention.”

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Some advantages of personalization:

1.Improve customer loyalty

2.Customer retention

3.Drive sales

4.Higher return on investment than another communications tool

5.You understand your target audience better, what they like, what they do, and other preferences

6. Build long, lasting customer relationships

7.Brand advocacy

As you can see, personalized videos can play a pivotal role in your marketing campaigns when you’re trying to connect with your customers on a deeper level than you couldn’t before.

Tips on how to personalize videos: 

As you know, personalized videos contains your audience's personal information such as name, job, age, geographic location, and each video is supposed to feel like one-on-on conversation.

Lets say you're creating video for thousands, it just isn’t doable to record a video for each and every customer, it’ll take you an eternity to do so.

Once you have the data required to perform the whole personalized videos strategy, you have to keep in mind that:

1. The videos aren’t about you, but the viewers: The The viewers are your main target, making them feel good about themselves and happy. The goal is to help them feel special like you’re having a 1:1 conversation

2. Even if you don’t have that much data, using their first names adds that human touch

3. The The personalized videos can be delivered through various media: Email, SMS, in-app, or as seen on Facebook, through the Web

According to a conversation between Paul Talbot and Yotam Benami, articled in Forbes Paul asked: “What’s involved in the process of deploying data to personalize marketing videos?”

Benami answered: “The process essentially involves creating a master template with complex logic to determine who sees what in their final video. So, if you’re a new customer versus a longtime customer, for example, you’ll see something different. That dynamic field might be text or an image or video-in-video. You might even see alternate scenes or have scenes added or removed.

Then the videos are rendered either in batches in advance or in real-time. Real-time generation means their video is available at the click of a button and always uses the right data, just like it should”.

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How can Cheers Connect help you with personalization?

Let’s say you have a customer complaining about a product you have, or a service that went wrong in a way, there’s nothing better than sending that same customer a video with you addressing them by name, mentioning their problem, and the solution. That personalization in the video will help you greatly in your customer service, in tackling problems, and overcoming obstacles. Building long-term relations with your customers must be the goal of your business, and there’s no better way to do that than with Cheer’s videos tools.

Even when it comes to messages or emails, with our customized subject tags, you get to decide how you’ll address your target audience.

You have multiple options: First or full name, last name, specific salutation, title, and many more.

Let's say you have 100 contacts, and you need to deliver these personalized messages to those hundred. You definitely won’t have the time or energy to do so. With this automation tool we have available on our platform, I can guarantee that it’ll help you reach your targets on a more human level.

a sample of how to use an advanced feature in the cheers connect platform

In conclusion, as you already know by now, the importance of connecting with your audience relies on personalization, making them feel appreciated and present with you. Keeping your target on your mind while doing the videos will help. Many tools including Cheers Connect are available online to help you personalize, so you don’t have to worry.

Try out Cheers Connect today!