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Communication Begins with a Connection

Cheers Connect offers a fresh and new approach to how you connect with your network.

As Oprah Winfrey once said, “great communication begins with a connection.” And that’s what Cheers Video Mail is all about! Connecting you with your network on a more personal level so that you can start a conversation.

Each video message that you compose can be personalized to each specific recipient. Our platform enables you to create and nurture these connections whether your recipients are new to your mailing list or are existing contacts.

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A single personalized video message not only lets YOU start the conversation, but it also encourages your recipient to respond. Video messages are intriguing to recipients; when they see that you’ve got a special message for them you’ll increase the likelihood of getting a response - especially since they can respond by video!

Video messages are also a great way to communicate with your team. It will help everyone collaborate on projects more efficiently and effectively. Misunderstood text emails can now be a thing of the past!

Whether you are video messaging a colleague in the office or connecting with a potential client, Cheers Video Mail helps you establish that connection, by opening a window for great communications!